Birthday Video

Planning your kid’s party could be a joyous yet difficult job. It takes careful planning amidst work. But most often, we tend to oversee the main points of concern while we plan for the people we love and cherish the most. Theme, cake, costumes take our attention. But when you are planning a party what are the key things to look for in a venue?


Venue facilities -

First and foremost, the location of the venue. How accessible is it for children? The travel time should be constrained so as to keep the children from getting antsy. Also, another aspect would be the technical facilities available. If there is audio/visual requirement, make a thorough survey to check if they have enough technical support. The venue should also have restrooms that are easily accessible and cafeteria if the parents wants to relax.



With kids, cleanliness cannot be compromised. This goes for amenity cleanliness, party hall and rest rooms. Apart from these, the staff who are part of the event should also be clean and without any health conditions as children pick up on infections quite easily. If someone with cold is going to serve the kids, they will take down the whole group.


Entertainment support

Kids enjoy different activities. They want to do as many things in such little time. Entertainment centres including Tempo Dance Center offers a number of fun activities including Karaoke, dance, games etc.


Food service

What is a party without amazing food? Always ensure that there is ample food and the staff is able to serve all the kids without any problem. If they can’t handle the kids, then it will be a huge trouble for the parents to manage hungry kids!



Birthday parties, especially theme parties require extensive planning. Parents individually cannot handle all the kids on their own. They will require the support of the team at the venue to be professional and competent with full cooperation. Working closely with the parents to put together a great party is an important aspect to consider while selecting venue.


With all these aspects in place, Dubai’s Tempo Dance Center is an ideal choice. What are you waiting for? Plan your kid’s surprise party with us soon! Type your paragraph here.